Tuesday, 29 November 2011

You can switch your Facebook language to pirate and upside down.

This is because the programmers are always trying new things to keep the site fresh and interesting. It keeps people coming back to see what new things there are to do on the site and with their profile. It also helps to add a personal flair to your profile when you feel as though you can change it to match your personality. They have launched both an old English setting and a British setting. So, keep your eyes peeled for further language options. For now you can try it yourself!
You just scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the language, then click on "English (Upside Down)" or "English(Pirate)".

The longest video on YouTube is 596 hours

According to uploader MoldytoasterMedia, he has uploaded the longest video EVER to YouTube! Even more amazing about the video is that it only took an hour to upload to the site!
MoldytoasterMedia has posted many other long videos such as 100 hours of Nyan Cat, over 74 hours of him counting to 100,000, and the most annoying sound in the world for 50 hours! 
By searching on YouTube, you can find other incredible video feats such as the shortest video and the smallest video ever uploaded!

A hospital in China threw away a live baby

On October 26, 2011 a Chinese woman who was 8 months pregnant was rushed to a hospital with complications. She had to have an emergency birth. The baby was said to not be breathing and his skin was purple. The medical team diagnosed the baby as a stillborn and disposed of the baby without going through proper procedures.
Thirty minutes after the baby was put in a yellow bag, the mother’s sister-in-law asked to see the body. When she opened the bag, she saw the baby’s hands and feet moving. The chest was moving and air bubbles were coming from the mouth.
It was a boy, which was a surprise since the doctors had told them it was a girl to soften the blow. The baby was rushed to ICU and currently remains stable.

Fortune cookies were actually invented in America, and its existence is practically unknown in China

There are many theories where the fortune cookies first appeared, many people say they started in San Francisco or Los Angeles in the mid 1910’s. Other people say that they originated in the mid 1800’s in northern California, because the Chinese immigrants wanted to celebrate the moon festival, a holy day, where they would give special cakes with messages inside, but seeing they had only biscuits, they improvised and created the fortune cookie.
What we do know for certain is that, although they are served almost exclusively in Chinese restaurants abroad, fortune cookies are almost unknown in China. The places that serve them call them “Genuine American Fortune Cookies”.

Gold is so rare that the world pours more steel in an hour than it has poured gold since the beginning of recorded history

Here are some other interesting gold facts:
• Gold doesn’t rust.
• Gold is edible.
• In 2005, Rick Munarriz queried whether Google or gold was a better investment when both seemed to have equal value on the stock market. By the end of 2008, Google closed at $307.65 a share, while gold closed the year at $866 an ounce.
• During the fourteenth century, drinking molten gold and crushed emeralds was used as a treatment for the bubonic plague.
• The San Francisco 49ers are named after the 1849 Gold Rush miners.
• It is also estimated that 80% of the world’s gold is still in the ground!

Polar bears are technically black!

The polar bear’s black skin is black, and its fur ir white. This allows it to soak up the most heat possible from the sun.
Polar bears need this since they spend time swimming in the artic waters. They’ve been known to swim up to 50 miles away from ice or land.
Polar bears are the largest of bears and on average are 8.5 feet tall.

Sara Bareilles wrote her huge hit song "Love Song" reluctantly because her label wanted her to

This would normally be unremarkable, because record labels push their artists to write certain kinds of songs all the time. However, knowing this changes the meaning of the song entirely. Check out the chorus of the song: 
I'm not gonna write you a love song 
'Cause you asked for it 
'Cause you need one, you see 
I'm not gonna write you a love song 
You previously might've thought that it referred to a jilted lover that wanted to hear a love song from Sara. The person she's singing to is actually a record label executive who told her she needed to write a love song to prove that she could write "marketable hits." This apparently gave her the drive and passion to write her song!