Sunday, 20 November 2011

The fastest living thing on the planet is a fungus!

This nasty little fungus lives in horse manure. Thanks to high speed cameras captured the spores of the fungi doing some pretty remarkable speed feats. The spores accelerate from 0 - 20km/h in 2 millionths of a second and can pull over 20G of force. 
They look like like little bulbs full of some liquid. At first glance, they just disappear, but they took a high speed camera that shows how the spores actually shoot off the surface of the poop at a speed equivalent of a human being launched at 100 times the speed of sound. 
The reason they need to launch so fast is because they need to spread as much as possible. This is because they need horses to eat them, which they won't do if they're near poop. The incredible acceleration allows them to clear over 6 ft in distance to the nice poop-free grass.
Check out the amazing video below

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