Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dexter has been linked to 3 real life crimes!

Dexter is an interesting anti-hero. He's sort of the Robin Hood of murder, killing guilty people that he deems are doing harm to society. This sense of justice and his vigilante methods make for good television, but they have also inspired real life murders!
The three murderers all seem to have an admiration or they identify with Dexter. One of them even started leading a double life, complete with a Facebook profile. Another one, when asked why he did it, said: "I have no regrets, these people are plighting our society, if we don't do anything about it, who will?"
It's very likely that these people would have found a different trigger for their murders even if Dexter didn't exist. What do you think? Do shows like Dexter influence people to do these horrible things, or have no influence at all?
If you wanna learn more about the crimes go here

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