Sunday, 20 November 2011

The world record for spinning on an ice skate is 6 rotations per second!

Lucinda Ruh, a two time National Champion, nine time World competitor, and two time World Professional Bronze medalist in figure skating is the fastest spinner on ice in the world and in the history of figure skating!
She is dubbed 'Queen of Spin' because she has been clocked at six rotations a second and she holds the Guinness World Record for the being the longest spinner on ice in the world.  The previous record was sixty rotations and she accomplished her record in New York City on April 3, 2003 by almost doubling it by getting one hundred and fifteen revolutions non stop!
In her memoir, Frozen Teardrop she is quoted saying that she used to faint right out of the spins due to the high pressure and the lack of oxygen going to her brain. She used to suffer from broken blood vessels all down her arms and face and get bloodshot eyes form her spins too!  She has said to have suffered from the repercussions of ongoing brain concussions from the velocity of the power and speed in her spins that have hindered her everyday life but she would not trade anything for her accomplishments on the ice.

Video of record spin:

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